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Identify the first building block of brand “you”

Identify your unique strengths which make YOU stand out in a crowd

The Ryz Strength Finder identifies your unique and natural strengths. It's as simple as sitting down and answering a set of engaging questions about yourself.

The results of your Ryz Strength Finder assessment are quick and give you a thorough understanding of your natural competencies, hidden strengths and unique personality traits.

Leverage your strengths to succeed at work and in personal spaces.

Know Yourself, Become Limitless

What makes YOU uniquely powerful?

Simplified, personalised insights to help you identify your intrinsic drivers and enhance your strengths.

The weryz Strengths Analysis report provides you with an in-depth understanding of your unique and natural strengths

Get a detailed understanding of what sets you apart through our Strengths Analysis report.

Our report is designed in a fashion which delivers detailed insights about you in the most simple and easy format.

The in-depth infographic insights are a set of personalised insights which enable you to play to your strengths.

Nothing can stop you from living your best life if you identify your strengths.

Discover Yourself Like Never Before

How it works?

Sign up and start your journey on the website or download the weryz mobile app and select
“Know Your Strengths”

Answer all the engaging questions being authentically YOU

Get instant results in the form of a detailed report outlining your unique strengths.
After you complete the purchase, the pdf report will be emailed to you


Mechanics of the Assessment

Discovers your hidden strengths
Takes 10 minutes only
Unique and personalised report
Powered by expert coaches and professionals

How does it help you?

Better yourself

The better you know your strengths,
the better decisions you take for your next career steps or when choosing a profession which aligns with you.


Knowing who you are helps you overcome hesitation and all self-doubt. Ace all your interviews, discussions and pitches by amplifying your inherent strengths.

Stand out

When the spotlight is on you, it is important that you understand how your unique strengths make you stand out from the crowd.


When you know your strengths and can play them to your advantage, you are always a step ahead in accelerating your professional and personal growth.

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