Upping Your LinkedIn Game: 6 Features You Didn't Know About

If you have been on LinkedIn for sometime now, you probably know all about profile optimisation features like your personal bio and header. However, that’s not all.

Taking your LinkedIn game up a notch requires you to leverage all features that LinkedIn offers, especially ones that have been recently launched or ones that (in our opinion) are highly underrated.

Here’s a list of 6 underutilised strategies for LinkedIn that would help you optimise your LinkedIn profile-


·      Customise profile URL

·      Create your profile in another language

·      Record name pronunciation

·      Record a video introduction

·      Customised Background Image

·      Turn on Creator Mode


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Customise Your Profile URL


One of the most overlooked parts of aLinkedIn profile, the profile URL can be a great instrument for optimisation.

Because of its length and plenty of numeric and special characters, your default LinkedInURL isn't very user-friendly or shareable with your network.

Having a custom LinkedIn URL not only makes it more professional, recognisable and memorable but also helps with SEO on major search engines.

According to LinkedIn guidelines, the length of your personalised URL might range from three to one hundred characters. Spaces, symbols, and other non-standard characters should usually be avoided for clarity.


Create Your Profile in Another Language


If you’re a global leader or have a global-multilingual audience, this is a great tool for you.


While LinkedIn does not allow users to create different profiles, you can add different language options to your profile.

By making your profile available in different languages, you can reach a much larger audience, indicate that you are fluent in more than one language, and gain an edge in the job market, especially if the recruiter is looking for multilingual employees. Your profile will also appear in more searches if you employ keywords in other languages.

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Record Name Pronunciation


Names are personal to all of us. If yours is not a commonly used English name, chances are you have found your name bastardised and mispronounced on numerous occasions.

Luckily, with this new feature, LinkedIn has come to your rescue.

You now have the option to show the way your name is pronounced on your profile through a short audio recording. Then people will know how to properly address you when they meet you in person (or over video chat).

Record a Video Introduction


A new feature in LinkedIn’s long list of interesting tools, adding a video cover story is your chance to customise your introduction.

An opening video boosts your profile's trustworthiness and builds a stronger personal brand. When a member logs in for the first time, they’ll see a three-second sample of your cover story and can view the Full-length video (30seconds maximum) when they click on the video.

Adding video to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to stand out from the crowd and help you leverage the video content which has become an important element for LinkedIn.

Consider this your 30-second elevator pitch, or a space to show off your creative side- the choice is yours!

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Create a Customised Background Image

Something that remains underutilised even though it’s on the very top of the screen (literally) is the background image.

Your LinkedIn background image, also known as a banner image, is a showcase of your professional aspirations, brand, or personal style, among other things.Moreover, it may be a great way to engage with hiring managers or leads who may not have the time to go through your profile in its entirety.

Instead of leaving it blank, you can use the space to contextualise yourself via a description of what you do, your name, a phone number, and more.To set yourself apart, you'll want to come up with something unique and imaginative.

Turn on Creator Mode


In the presence of the growing community of content creators on the platform, LinkedIn rolled out the creator mode feature just last year.

With creator mode, you can position yourself better by adding hashtags to indicate what topics you post about. This also increases your reach as the default action button changes from Connect to Follow.

When in Creator Mode, your 'Featured' and 'Activity' sections will move to the top of your profile, making it easier to see the content you've created. If you're a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, your profile background will show your live stream when you begin streaming, further enhancing your content's visibility.


While LinkedIn has always been a tool for professional networking, these hidden features are perfect for those looking to build a strong personal brand and grow their network meaningfully.


At weryz, we believe that self-discovery is the key to a more meaningful personal and professional life. To know more about how you can share your story and grow your LinkedIn network, reach out to our team and inquire about our content services!

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