The Self-Confidence Manual: How to Live Your Truth

Self-confidence is an extremely valuable trait anyone can possess, but it requires constant maintenance and upkeep if one wishes to preserve it. It is a fragile thing, which can easily crumble with the slightest action- a misspoken word, an unexpected reaction, or an unsatisfactory outcome from something we dedicated our blood, sweat, and tears to.

Afraid to confront the possibility of failing or embarrassing oneself, many people are content to throw away those aspects of their personality which make them unique. A fruitless exercise just so they can fit in with the crowd and wither away in obscurity. The greatest disservice you can do is deny yourself the opportunity to see how far you can rise, and how much you can grow. If ever there was a time for you to assert yourself and start living your own truth, it is now. Outlined below are ways through which you can cultivate your self-confidence.

  • Daily Affirmations
  • Take Inventory of Your Ups and Downs
  • Venture Out of Your Bubble
  • Manage Your Environment
  • Have an Honest Conversation with Everyone, Including Yourself

Daily Affirmations

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Daily affirmations are the simplest way you can improve your self-confidence. It barely takes time out of your day, and the results are well worth the cost. By repeating positive messages out loud daily, your mind will slowly imbibe their meanings and veer you away from focusing on the negative elements which impacted your life till then. This allows you to become proud of your work and yourself, thereby building up your self-confidence.

Take Inventory of Your Ups and Downs

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It is important to keep track of all the impactful moments in your life, whether they were negative or positive. The objective of this exercise is to take stock of everything which made you the person you are today. You need to understand how these moments affected you, and how you have grown stronger because of them. It might be scary to confront the past, but it is necessary if you wish to go forward.

Venture Out of Your Bubble

Self-confidence can come from the most unexpected of places. That is why we must venture outside of our comfort zones now and then. We must try and experience all that life can offer us, and how we can make the most of any situation. By plunging yourself into the unknown, you might discover something you never knew you had a talent for. Something which can become a well of confidence and pride for you.

Manage Your Environment

Our environment has a major hand to play in our upbringing. Whenever we encounter a roadblock, we are quick to blame either ourselves or others, but rarely do we stop to ponder whether our environment had something to do with it. In order to clear our minds and become more self-aware, it is necessary we consciously manage our environment and weed out the negative elements within it. Ask yourself, is your environment over-competitive? Prioritizes results over mental health? Tears other people down? Is it compelling you to be toxic?

Have an Honest Conversation with Everyone

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The most important thing one can do in order to lead an honest life, and in the process build up the self-confidence of not just themselves, but others around them. You need to sit down with those who are near and dear to you and have an honest conversation about what you want to do in life, how you define your relationship with the other person, and where you draw the line. You are also obligated to have this conversation with yourself. How do you see yourself? What are your self-defined limits? What do you expect of the relationship between your body and mind? Only by truthfully answering such questions can you establish yourself as a self-confident person.

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