The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is arguably the oldest art form in the entire world. No one person or group has or can ever claim a monopoly over it, and this has moulded storytelling into a dynamic organism with a life of its own. It would thus not be inaccurate to claim that storytelling is the most influential being in the world- uniting and destroying communities, establishing and dethroning dynasties, and weaving together words into a chain forging links between people all across the world. 

It is next to impossible for anyone to completely tame this mighty beast, but millions have tried because the potential rewards are too elusive to pass up. Here are a few was effective storytelling can change your life:

Forms a Basic Core of Human Connection

While every person in the world can't get along, stories have long served as a bridge to connect people all across the world. Whether it is a mythological tale narrated to us by our grandparents when we were children or a hilarious anecdote about a drunken mishap, everybody loves a good story. 

If the storyteller does their job well, they can leave a lasting impression in the minds of their listeners, who begin to feel closer to them having been informally made a part of their narrative.

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Allows You to Control the Narrative

One of the oldest quotes that rings true even today is, "History is written by the victors". Arguably the most awesome power a storyteller can wield is the ability to control the narrative of whatever tale they choose to recite. 

The characters' perspectives, thoughts, actions, beliefs, and the way the story begins and concludes- it is all for the storyteller to decide.

Adding Weight to Your Words

Any storyteller worth their salt will notice that people are more inclined to believe their perspective and narrative than that of the other party. That is because they have established themselves as the better performer, the ones most capable of weaving a believable or interesting narrative that can grab the ears of almost all their peers.

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Makes You the Centre of Attention

A reputable storyteller will invariably find themselves in the spotlight wherever they go. Oftentimes they are the reason anyone attends a social gathering. This is primarily why storytelling is such a crucial skill to master if one desires to stand out from the crowd. 

You might have a fantastic tale of your own, filled with intrigue, romance, and adventure of epic proportions, but if you are unable to articulate it then the value of the experience is felt only by you and those who personally experienced it.

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