The Power Of Human Connection: How to Be Your Authentic Self on the ‘Gram

Your authentic self is the most powerful force in your life; it is the way to achieving whatever you desire, which is why connecting to our authentic selves is so crucial. However, it can be difficult to do so because, over the course of our lives, we are given beliefs and patterns that make it difficult for us to connect to and feel what is natural, calm, and easy for us to feel into that place where we don't have to try, where we are not worried or afraid. After all, we trust our authentic selves to take us to the places we need to go.

It's just as vital to be real on your social media accounts as it is in person. Let's talk about how important it is to be genuine on the ‘Gram. 

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Showing your followers your true, honest self is the greatest way to stand out among the expanding Instagram throng. Your experiences and connections will be far more significant if you portray your true self on Instagram. Your content may attract attention and likes, but it's exposing your flaws that will inspire your fans to stick around in the long run. Allowing your audience to get to know the genuine and flawed side, will convert them from apathetic followers to devoted admirers.

Here are a few tips to improve authenticity on Instagram, let’s examine these below:

Create and Post Genuine Content

In order to show your authenticity, you must develop the content yourself and have it represent your true nature. Make an effort to develop your own distinct style, both visually and in terms of audience interaction. Before posting it to your handle, take some time to consider your material. Make a conscious effort to employ visuals and thoughts that originate from within each time.

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Connect with your Audience on a Personal Level

Engagement demonstrates to people that you are a human instead of just a commodity or a service. Interaction takes time and work, but it's the only way to form genuine bonds. Follow other people, comment on and "like" their posts, and respond to meaningful messages and comment threads on your posts to engage in a significant sense.

It's also crucial to express gratitude, especially as your following grows. Remind yourself to appreciate them for their help frequently.

Utilise Hashtags to Locate a Relatable Audience 

Hashtags make it possible to connect with your target audience more rapidly. One of the finest and simplest methods to connect with individuals who are similar to you or who share your interests is to use hashtags. Mutual interests and ambitions foster strong bonds that seem genuine and common.

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​​Use Photoshop and Strong Filters Sparingly

Flawlessness isn't genuine or relatable in any way. Although there is always some amount of curating on social media, you don't want your Instagram platform to seem like a show. While increasing the sharpness or vibrancy might seem nice, and utilizing filters can make you feel much more confident, your followers aren't interested in perfectionism. At the end of the day, it is neither genuine nor sincere. You don't have to stop using nice filters or Photoshop entirely, but don't get habitual with them.

As your Company Expands, Keep your Aesthetic Constant

Extremely smooth-running graphics and videos might come off as obvious marketing. As your business expands, it's natural to employ more professional equipment, but don't go overboard. You want to deliver polished pictures to your audience as an influencer, but going too far may repel them. Retain the same aesthetic and appeal that drew your audience in the first place.

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