Seven Tips on Building Stronger Connections

“Man is by nature a social animal;” Aristotle once said, and one would be hard-pressed to find a flaw in his statement. Consciously or not, we are always establishing connections, whether it is saying “Good morning,” to the security guard as we leave for work, or simply nodding to a stranger when you allow them to move ahead of you in line. 

The tricky part is sustaining and developing connections, especially in a world where someone’s attention is worth its weight in gold. 

Here are some tips on how to set yourself apart from the crowd, and leave a lasting impression in people’s minds:

  • Take the First Step
  • Be Genuine
  • Bring Up Unique Topics of Discussion
  • Listen When Spoken To
  • Actively Engage
  • Attend Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Similar Events
  • Take Time to Work on Yourself

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Take the First Step

A crucial step, both in forming and maintaining a connection. Make it a habit to reach out to people, whether it is over the phone, in person, or through a simple “Good morning!” text message, showing genuine interest in their daily life. In time, people will feel the need to reach out to you.

Be Genuine

You are not at a masquerade party- stop hiding yourself behind a mask. The deepest, strongest connections are formed between those comfortable enough to share their insecurities. Relatability is the essence of humanity.

Bring Up Unique Topics of Discussion

“Crazy weather we’re having huh?” is the go-to phrase when one is at a loss for words or is looking to prolong a conversation. Be honest, who really cares about the weather? Talk about your embarrassing moments, your first crush, ANYTHING! Just don’t make it mundane! A short, insightful discussion leaves a longer lasting impression than a drawn-out, awkward one.

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Listen when You are being Spoken to

Don’t just nod and parrot one-word answers; consciously work on your listening skills and show that you have a genuine interest in the other person. In the long-term, you will be the first person they reach out to, giving you an edge over others depending on your field.

Actively Acknowledge your Peers on Social-Media

While many consider social media the bane of human interaction, it is the perfect tool to reach out to one’s peers from virtually anywhere in the world. Make it a habit to reach out to them on various platforms, keep tabs on their life, and write and promote content on your pages which would encourage them, in turn, to reach out to you.

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Attend Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Similar Events

These events are the perfect spot to meet like-minded individuals and remain up-to-date on everything in your field. Regular and active participants soon become well known by their peers, even if you only see them occasionally. If you’re feeling brave, you might take the plunge and host an event. This practically guarantees you an opportunity to build up prior connections or establish new ones.

Take Time to Work on Yourself

How can you connect with a stranger if you can’t connect with yourself? In any journey of self-discovery, think of yourself like a product- What are you made of? What can you offer? How do you make lives better? Work on your personal branding before you ship yourself off to the market! People are drawn to those who exude confidence, as they see something within you that they personally want to achieve.

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