Living by your Values

Every single person alive has a code they live by. Ethics and the concept of morality is one of the oldest ideas in the history of humankind, and it is the glue which holds society together. Without it, anarchy would have free reign over our lives, which makes it all the more necessary for each one of us to live a life guided by a core set of values.

Define Your Values

We must identify our particular set of ethics and values so that we do not get swayed by someone else’s. No two codes are the same, they will differ to one degree or another. A tried and true method is to sit down, take out a pen and paper, and begin writing down every value that resonates with you. This exercise will also allow you to discover aspects about yourself you had subconsciously hidden away. Once we get down to defining what we consider “our values”, we are assured that every decision we take is keeping our best interests in mind.


Once you have defined your values, you need to prioritize them. Is it more important for you to be loyal or to follow your passion? Should you prioritize daily communication over personal time? Answering such questions will allow you to set a definite path in your life plans, as it clears out the clutter in your mind and sharpens your vision. You will find it much easier to navigate through some of the various hurdles life places on your path.


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Our values are not set in stone. Human beings are constantly evolving, growing into different people in the span of a few years, or even weeks. That is why it becomes necessary for us to update our code, removing those values we no longer resonate with or abide by, and adding in values which we have begun to gravitate towards. Doing this regularly helps open up new avenues for us both personally and professionally, broadening our horizons in the process.

What Makes You Feel Fulfilled?

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Ultimately, this is the main objective in this entire exercise of trying to live by our values. You need to take stock of everything in your life, everything that left an impact on you, everything that you wish to experience or possess one day. Once you have identified your unique set of values, it is time for you to ask yourself- What makes you feel fulfilled? What makes you truly happy? Is it time to make a change?

In a world where everyone feels compelled to suppress parts of themselves to fit in or latch onto those, we consider to be our heroes, living true to our values can be a difficult task to accomplish. No one is saying this is a task which has to be accomplished overnight. Everyone has their own pace of doing things, and that’s completely okay. Just remember to take your feelings and values into consideration now and then, and when an opportunity for self-discovery comes along, take the plunge. You are sure to find the grass greener on the other side- and remember, even that side is your own.

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