Leveraging Personal Brands for Organisations

In these unprecedented times, the means of how people grow and secure opportunities have evolved in line with the rapid digitisation wave of 2020. New opportunities do not require the same investment of time and resources as they once did, and organisations are transforming to meet the need of the hour. 

In this challenging and growing corporate environment, organisations are leveraging the digital space and social media to reflect their goals, visions, and work engagements. 

Branding is an important marketing tool that focuses on the organisation’s place in the corporate setup, shining a light on its values and communicating its culture to existing and future employees and clients.

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Viewing employees as human capital and as pieces of a puzzle, that come together to complete a picture that reflects the employer and their values has helped organisations better engage with their audiences.

Leveraging an individual’s Personal Brand and their captive audience contributes to the larger goal of creating an inclusionary space where employees’ motivation and intention are in sync with that of the organisation.

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There are several benefits for organisations in leveraging their employee's personal brands. Some of these include:

  • Personal Branding as an Advocate of Culture
  • Attracting Talent and New Opportunities
  • Understanding Employee Needs
  • The Human Touch

Let's look at each of these in further detail:

Personal Branding as an Advocate of Culture

When an individual's skills are advertised as part of a larger organisation, it speaks not just to the individual’s edge, but also to the values and culture of the organisation as a whole. 

By reflecting the values of the organisation, the individual and brand both benefit from the larger scope of communication between the brand, its employees and its audience.

Values such as diversity and inclusion, collaboration, and so on can be communicated authentically, and interpersonally.

Attracting Talent and New Opportunities

Who wouldn’t want to work in a place where employees seem not just satisfied but are also nurturing and growing?

When employees speak honestly and authentically about their experiences at work on social media platforms, it speaks louder than the organisation’s own narratives shared via social media posts and other marketing techniques and adds to the credibility of the organisation.

This is useful in attracting skilled talent from a new and previously untapped talent pool, as well as new clients and opportunities that, more often than not, are saturated by usual outreach and acquisition techniques.

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Understanding Employee Needs

An employees unprompted communication with regards to their company’s culture can help shine a light on what works, and what doesn’t. 

When an employee speaks positively about a certain intervention, activity, interaction, or otherwise, it can provide a useful window into the needs and priorities of the workforce, and can help guide and dictate future strategies.

The Human Touch

The most powerful marketing content on many professional services firms’ websites has been the partner biography section. Professional Biographies help view the organisation’s brand through a human perspective, and help people resonate with the employees of the brand on a human level. 

By learning about an organisation via other people’s experiences, growth, and learnings, people are able to better relate to the organisation’s values from a human perspective, rather than as a result of forced, targeted marketing. This allows for a brand to represent itself through teh eyes of its people, and serves as a reminder that there’s a story behind every success.

At weryz, we believe that collaboration and communication are the keys to unlocking the doors of success and opportunity. For more resources on Personal Branding, its benefits for large organisations, and for individuals, contact our team today! 

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