Influencer Culture: How to Leverage Your Personality to Make a Profit

One of the unlikeliest professions to emerge with the rise of social media is that of an influencer. An influencer is someone who has amassed a large following online almost entirely using their personality, and they effectively monetize themselves and what they do. 

Despite the negative stereotypes surrounding this profession, it has become an important part of people’s lives, and outlined below are a few crucial steps to understand how you can leverage your personality in order to obtain a viable profession as an influencer.

Carve Out Your Niche

The very first step towards becoming an influencer is to understand what area you can shine in, and how to narrow down a sector where you can overshadow the competition. Let’s take the example of make-up and cosmetics:

You have a passion for cosmetics ➡ You discover you’re particularly skilled at applying eye shadow ➡ You focus on creating different, unique styles and post them online ➡ Your posts start gaining traction ➡ You begin to take requests from people online for specific styles ➡ You get noticed by different cosmetic companies who approach you for sponsorship deals ➡ You are now a bonafide influencer!

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Regularly Interact with your Followers

Don’t be standoffish and isolate yourselves from the people you’re trying to appeal to and connect to. Host polls on Twitter, open the floor to questions on your Instagram stories, Livestream on YouTube and take requests; do anything and everything which will make your followers truly believe that they are a part of your journey.

Research and Collaborate with Other Creators

It is important to be aware of other people in your field, this goes true for any profession, including influencers. This step becomes all the more crucial if you are just starting out. Look into the history of the most popular influencers in the area you’re interested in joining- What made them popular? What did and did not work for them? Who are they making content for? All these questions and more need to be addressed to give you an edge online. 

It is also important to regularly reach out to fellow influencers and collaborate with them on certain projects. It helps build valuable connections and allows you to appeal to their fanbase as well.

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Remain Consistent and Gradually Improve

Arguably the most crucial step. While this may seem contradictory, it is very important to follow. You have to make sure that whatever post you are curating online, whether it is a blog, photo, picture, or artwork, must remain consistent with your overall style. 

At the same time, you need to gradually improve yourself- a sudden change or improvement might throw your followers off, but a stagnant profile will eventually bore them. That is why both consistency and improvement must be carefully balanced in order to become one of the top influencers online.

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