How To Be a Better Friend To Yourself

When it comes to being friends with others, we never leave a chance to be the best of friends, but how do we behave with ourselves? Apparently, not in the same manner. We do treat our friends with love, affection and selflessness, but we forget to do the same when it comes to us. 

We must treat ourselves with respect. Our goal is to be our own best friends, and that comes naturally. We need to practice telling ourselves things like:

  • You deserve to exist, it's okay to fail, and you can be forgiven.
  • I understand how hard you try and all the hurdles you've overcome, I don't care what other people think, you can be vulnerable with me, you can screw up, you can slip down apart, you can be flawed, you can let me down. 
  • I'm on your side, and I'm impressed by how much energy you've put in and how much you've gone through.

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Here are some suggestions for becoming a better friend to yourself:

Celebrate Your Life

A good buddy is the most thrilled person in your life when something fantastic happens. They're ecstatic about your progress and have high hopes for you. Is it possible for you to be your own partner?

We prefer to suppress our happiness and excitement for the fear of being criticized and warned that things will soon deteriorate. Let us make an effort to live a bit longer. Celebrate both minor and significant victories in your life. Accept the fact that you are deserving of the finest. You should be the one most eager to take advantage of the numerous fascinating chances that await you.

Have Faith In Yourself

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No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to avoid unpleasant times and issues. When things go wrong and it's difficult to keep the morale up, don't give up the fight.

Frustration and pessimistic thoughts may rapidly grab hold, and in that condition, we are more likely to have ideas that push us down the path of degradation. It is your responsibility as a good friend to give yourself optimism in the most trying of circumstances.

You can overcome any obstacle, and no hardship is powerful enough to permanently shatter you. You'll be able to handle any calamity if you learn to be your own symbol of encouragement and endurance.

Listen to Your Inner Self

Sometimes your instincts are correct. As a result, pay attention to your inner voice at all times. Do what your inner self tells you is healthy and productive for you. If a person or scenario gives you a bad feeling, consider it carefully before engaging in it.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

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Comparing yourself to others is both unjust and one of the most efficient ways to dissuade someone. It's also a waste of time. There's nothing positive to be gained from it. 

As a good friend to yourself, you need to know that you are unique and respected Every person has flaws, and although some individuals are good at some things, others are not. Because no two people are the same, comparing oneself to others is both fruitless and unkind.

Focus on Self Growth

When you postpone concentrating on yourself regularly, psychological weariness or stress is one of the most prevalent outcomes. This implies you have plenty of time for yourself, yet your attention is usually always drawn elsewhere. Focusing on yourself and your personal growth is an extremely imperative part of your overall development. It will make you feel happy and better about yourself. You will be able to deal with people and situations in a much more efficient manner. 

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