How a Blog can Benefit Your Business

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page and can either be used for personal use or to fulfil a business need. Unlike a website, a blog needs to be updated regularly and allows you to engage with your site visitors. 

Why is Blogging so Popular?

  • It is flexible 
  • It helps build trust with customers
  • Blogs can be profitable
  • It keeps clients up-to-date 

The significance of blogging is huge for small and online businesses.

Not only will a blog support you with an SEO strategy, but it will also help you to build up passive traffic, email list signups, and income over time - as long as you play your cards right.

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Blogs can be advantageous for a business in many ways. Let’s examine a few below:

More Traffic to Your Website

The more traffic you get to your website, the better off you are, as long as the traffic is targeted and your website is optimized for conversions. Through blogging, You can get thousands upon thousands of page views to the website, which will help you to grow your email list and make passive income selling your digital products or services. 

Higher Rank On Google with SEO

The more high-quality pages your website has, the more chances you have to rank in search results. And with a decent SEO strategy, you can do just that.


Here are the basics to get you started with an SEO strategy:

  • Do proper keyword research
  • Work on getting backlinks from relevant, high-authority sites
  • Write in-depth, high-quality, long-form blog posts
  • Be patient, Ranking in Google is a slow process

Builds a Network, Authority and Trust

Blogging does not only help you get traffic and promote your products, but it also helps you to build trust and widen your network. By getting the trust of the people, the leads will turn into conversions. You can also establish authority as a blogger. Here are a few ways for you:

  • Quality Content
  • Personal Connection
  • Talk about a specific topic in the blog
  • Consistency is the key
  • Be Patient

Online authority is necessary, especially for those bloggers who aim to make more income from their blogs. If you are influential and authoritative, able to generate many sales to indicate a quality product, because your readers believe and trust your recommendations, after all, you have the authority to talk about your niche.

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Makes Passive Income

Blogging is one of the most popular streams which helps to make a passive income. It has helped innumerable entrepreneurs earn passively through products, affiliate links, sponsored posts, courses, deals, etc. It can indeed take quite a bit of upfront work to build a successful blog.

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Turn Readers into Customers

Blog readers can be turned into customers. It can be done by knowing your audience, choosing a relatable topic, creating content according to the buying cycle and formatting it for the readers. Along with this, you should monetise on emotions and reduce distractions. Don’t be overly promotional and use re-marketing. At last, be bold with your CTAs. Follow these and it will make a difference. 

At weryz, we believe in you and your journey and aim at helping you discover yourself, making use of all your hidden abilities optimally.

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