Do You Really Need Personal Branding? 5 Arguments to Consider

When you are purchasing a product, you take several variables into account- How useful is it? Is it the best option in the market? Does it appeal to you? Only after resolving such doubts do you actually buy something. 

That line of questioning is why marketing professionals spend years refining a product’s brand; living and breathing by the mantra, “Branding is everything”. Curiously though, this is not restricted to inanimate objects. You are a brand as well. 

The way you carry yourself, the way you interact with others, the way you work and the way you dress are all part of the building blocks of your personal brand. Everyone needs a good personal brand, and here are five arguments why.


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Your Brand is tied to Your Business

That quote you retweet, that picture you upload on Instagram, and that message you type on Facebook- all of it is tied to your personal brand, which in turn is tied to the company and/or product you are associated with. 

Proper social media management and curation are crucial, as a stellar personal brand will lead to a very positive perception of your company and/or product, thereby improving sales and client acquisition.

Significantly Expands Your Networking Pool

Networking on its own is an arduous task, but having a good personal brand on your side lifts a heavy burden off your shoulders. If people recognise you, then they will find it easier to approach you, and it will be a breeze on your part to strike up a conversation with them. 

That is why you have to be careful of the type of content you promote and publish, as well as the type of followers you obtain on any social media site.

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It is the Core of Your W-Factors

      Your personal brand is the first thing people will look up, as it forms the core of your W-Factors- What can you do? Why are you special? And (most importantly) Who are you? Even if you change your professional path, your personal brand will remain, and depending on how well you’ve maintained it, it will have a significant impact in your future career.

Builds Trust

A strong, reliable personable brand that is instantly recognisable and remains consistent in its quality helps build up trust. It will push people with a specific set of expectations towards you for any job, as they know and can trust you to deliver on it.

Builds Self-Confidence

The very first step in the process of personal branding is recognising your core strengths, your weaknesses, and what makes you- YOU. All of the best personal brands today belong to those who are confident in who they are, the path they chose, and the struggles they braved on the way.

Authenticity is the foundation of each and every one of these brands, and that is precisely what draws people towards them.

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