Different Strokes: How Art and Art History can Enrich Your Life

Art infuses the mundane realities of life with meaning and significance and helps us comprehend our surroundings from a different lens.

Art appreciation has been demonstrated in scientific research to improve our quality of life and make us feel happy. When we make or consume art, we uplift our mood, and problem-solving skills, and open our brains to new ideas.

Studying art educates us about how individuals see themselves and their surroundings, as well as how they hope others will perceive them. The act of generating art is one of humanity's most pervasive acts, art history provides a mechanism through which we might comprehend our past and its link to our present.

A couple viewing paintings at a gallery
Source: Theconversation.com

Here are 5 ways that art may help you live a better life:

Making Art is a Therapeutic Act

Making art may be relaxing and stress-relieving, as well as a source of fulfilment and self-expression. As any artist will tell you, the act of creation unlocks something deep within. Suddenly, they are in their bubble, "in the zone," disconnected from everything going on around them, even time itself. The benefit of art for personal growth, self-expression, development, and wellbeing have been rediscovered in the modern age. 

Art therapy does not require skill the ability to create museum-worthy art is not required at all. We all have a creative gift, and bringing it out will lead us on a therapeutic journey within ourselves.

Art Has a Positive Impact on the Brain

Research suggests that art's dopaminergic influence on the brain has a significant impact on quality of life. It has been discovered that stroke survivors who were interested in the arts had better overall health, were easier to walk, had more energy, and were happier. They were also less likely to be nervous or sad. 

The findings imply that art may cause long-term brain alterations that aid in recovery when things go wrong.

A painting o a person's face and eyes
Source: Unsplash 

Surrounding Yourself With Beauty Brings you Contentment

Surrounding ourselves with the things we love brings us joy. Colour, shape, form, and image all provide a sense of satisfaction to the viewer. 

As a result, it's critical to ask ourselves, "What do I like?" What makes me happy?

Your life will be more fulfilling if you have sources of inspiration and pleasure in your own home or job.

A colourful abstract painting
Source: Unsplash 

Art is a Personal and Intimate Experience

Art, via sounds, colours, forms, lines, and pictures, communicates in ways that words alone cannot. Music, poetry, visual art, sculpture, theatrical performances, and dance may all provide immense pleasure and happiness, whether you experience the arts as a creator and artist or as an art enthusiast. 

Art has a way of connecting what is inside us, our ideas, feelings, and perceptions, to our outward reality and personal experiences.

Art may help us understand who we are and enrich life via self-expression because it is such a profound personal experience.

Art Enhances Creativity and ​​Concentration Skills

We all know that the arts foster creativity by allowing us to express ourselves. Of course, math and physics are vital, but the visual arts push our creativity and divergent thinking to new heights.

If we practise thinking creatively with the intention of doing so, it becomes easier to conjure up the same skill set as needed. 

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