Consistency: The Secret to Social Media Success

Consistency is the most vital part of your social media marketing strategy, it is a strategy in and of itself. In order to effectively increase audience, engagement and reach, your business must be consistent with its products and services. 

When we talk about consistency, we imply that the material should be authentic to your brand while still reflecting it. Use a certain tone of voice while communicating to a specific audience. Consistency with an online presence benefits in the building of an interpersonal relationship with your audience, as well as the establishment of a thrilling reaction from your audience, both of which aid in the acquisition of additional clients for your organisation.

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Consistency is the most important individual performance for establishing credibility, building trust, generating leads, and bolstering your reputation. One of the variables that implement a good growth plan – finally contributing to the success of your organisation – is consistency in the brand message. What business, after all, doesn't desire that?

Here are a few tips for maintaining consistency in your social media brand growth:

Define Your Why

The first and the most important tip to stay consistent on social media is to sit down and ask yourself “WHY”. Why are you trying to be consistent and what is your goal here? You need to know your “why” that can get you off every morning and convince you to post your content. Every individual would have a different “why”, some might want to encourage self-love amongst their audience, build a community, spread information and knowledge, etc. 

Your wire should have a lot of depth. People can see right through you if you have an Instagram page whose sole purpose is to promote an affiliate link or to gain more followers so that you can sell things to them, and there is no other real motive, then you will find it difficult to grow. It will also be difficult for you to keep up the momentum when it comes to motivating yourself to actually post on Instagram, especially in the beginning.

It may be tough for you to commit to continuing to post and, as a result, maintain that level of consistency that we all strive for, which is why the first tip for staying more consistent on social media is to establish and nail down your “WHY”.

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Commit to a Best Case and Worst Case Posting Schedule

Find a schedule that works best for you and commit to it. Have a best case and worst case scenario schedule. For instance, your best case is that you have to post twice a week, say, on Wednesdays and Sundays, and your worst case is posting once a week. If sometimes you are caught up with other activities and are unable to post twice, you can stick to your worst-case scenario by posting once a week. 

It will trick you into feeling a bit of flexibility, would help manage your own expectations and really helps protect you from feeling bad or disappointed in yourself because we don't need that added pressure, it is just social media, it is supposed to be fun. 

Plan Your Content 

Keep your content ideas bouncing around in your head. Keep notes in a place where you can readily access them when you're on the road. For instance, you may utilize Google Drive to obtain a word document with content ideas. You may stick to it and add new content ideas as you come up with them. Ideas will come to you at the most inopportune moments. 

According to research, when you are comfortable and borderline distracted by something that does not need all of your concentration, such as driving in a car and staring out the window, your brain relaxes at some point, and you are most inspired. You may then return to your accessible notes and add to them. You will never run out of content ideas if you use this method.

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Time Management for Content Creation

One of the most efficient ways to squander time is to switch tasks. Rather than developing material on a regular basis and then moving on to the next unrelated duty, set aside a day just for content creation. You will save a lot of time by doing so. Even better, dedicating a full day to content production will help you achieve a state of flow.

Take a day to batch the content. And, because you've kept track of content ideas and subjects in a Google Doc, all you have to do now is take the photographs or videos and write captions.

Know the Difference Between Motivation and Discipline

It's important to remember that motivation and discipline are two distinct things. We're talking about keeping consistent and driven on social media, and many individuals are frustrated because their motivation is transitory. When that desire fades, everything else fades with it, and they find it difficult to continue generating material, prompting them to wonder whether they should continue.

It is a prevalent fallacy that motivation must be present at all times and that you must be motivated at all times. Discipline is required in addition to motivation. Discipline will be the key to maintaining your social media consistency. It's all about developing habits and teaching oneself to work in a certain way. It will ensure that you continue to create material and upload it on a regular basis.

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