7 Things You Can Do to Live a Happier Life

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s the little things that count '' and that stands true for how we live our lives as well. You don’t have to go about making massive changes in order to make a lasting difference. More than often it’s the small steps we take that allow us to live a more joyful life.  

We know making changes can be daunting and overwhelming, but weryz is with you to offer a helping hand with some quick inspiration! For more information on how we can help you be the person you have always wanted to be, visit our website!

Here are 7 things you can do today to live a happier life:

  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
  • Celebrate Wins
  • Think Beyond Results
  • Avoid Negative Talk
  • Move
  • Create Productive Routines
  • End Your Day with Gratitude

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The truth is, there is always going to be someone who has a better paying job, friends that start families before you, or relatives with fancier cars. The grass is always greener on the other side- so know that comparing yourself to others will only make you unhappy. Instead, focus on your own definition of success and happiness.  

Celebrate Wins

Every small or large accomplishment in your life deserves recognition. Take the time to celebrate every milestone before moving on to your next goal. Remember to cherish the moment and pat yourself on the back!  

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Think Beyond Results 

The biggest enemy of your happiness is worry - the worry that comes from fixating on events that are beyond your control. Once you’ve taken action there’s usually not much more you can do. Try and focus on the job at hand and gain experience from the opportunity instead of worrying about the outcome.  

Avoid Negative Talk

Phrases like “This won’t work” or “I can’t do this” are demoralising and pointless. Often what comes out of your mouth programs your mind. Make an active effort to speak positively and you’ll see the magical results it can bring.  

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Most of us don’t move enough. When we work more, we sit more, drive more and spend less time moving and stretching our bodies. The fact is when you keep yourself healthy and fit you allow yourself to get a lot more done in your day. You sleep better, think better and reduce stress levels significantly. Put on your favourite tune and dance around, take a walk outside, find a workout routine that suits you- whatever activity you pick is sure to leave you feeling healthier and happier.  

Create Productive Routines

Never underestimate the magic of a good routine! Maintaining a morning routine can help you stay on track, save time and decrease stress. A self-care routine makes sure you make time to give back to yourself and recharge your batteries. Any routine you commit to and work on can truly improve your life significantly.  

End Your Day with Gratitude

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small before you go to bed try and think of at least one good thing that happened to you. 


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