5 Ways to Optimise Your Facebook Experience

Social media has become a significant part of our lives. In the contemporary world, no individual can survive without different social media platforms. It is due to these platforms, we are still connected to our loved ones who are at a far-off distance. Social media has simplified life to a great extent, we can see pictures of our near and dear ones, video call anyone or just chat with them through a click of a button. 

On the other hand, social media is also useful for those looking to start or grow their businesses, and earn a good amount by working remotely. It helps them to reach, nurture and engage with their target audience. 

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Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Here are a few hacks ro help you optimise your Facebook:

Keep Tabs on the Time you Spend on the App

You can count the time you spend on Facebook on a daily basis and keep a track of your time. You just need to click on the “Settings and Privacy” option after which you will be able to see an option “Your time on Facebook.” Click on it and you will be able to see how much time you spend on the app per day. This will help you to limit yourself or put a time boundation, in case of excessive use. 

Prioritise Who to See First

Sometimes we tend to miss certain posts which are in the form of pictures, videos or some other piece of information which is important for us. Click on the “Settings” option, scroll down and you will be able to see “News feed settings”, click on it and you will see “prioritise who to see first” as an option and now you can choose whom you want to see first and never miss an update from their handles. 

Translation for Posts

Sometimes we find it difficult to understand posts written in different languages. We have friends added in our list which are from various regions. To solve this problem, go to the “Settings” option, under Account settings, you will be able to see “Translation for posts” as an option, then you will have to select a language in which you would like to translate the posts and you are done.

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Turn Off Auto-Play for Facebook Videos

In our news feed sections, a lot times, videos are being played automatically which is annoying sometimes. To stop this, go to the “Settings” option, scroll down and you will be able to see “Media and Contacts”, click on it and you will see an “Auto-play” option then click on “Never auto-play videos.”

Control Your Story Privacy

In case you don’t want a particular person to see your story you can hide him/her from viewing it. For that, go to the “Settings” option and you will see “Story settings”, after that, click on “Story privacy.” Now you can put that person on a custom mode and your stories won’t be visible to that person. 

Changing Fonts on Facebook Status

You can change the font on your facebook posts and messages using a third-party app. Click here and check out the website to know the steps in detail.

At weryz, we understand the power of social media, and know how to use it to your advantage. For more tips on navigating social media, contact our experts today!

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