5 Tips on Finding a Routine that Suits You

Having a suitable routine is quite imperative. It gives us something to hang on to. Something to differentiate the weekdays from the weekends. We need an appropriate routine to provide structure and discipline in our lives. Studies have shown, carefully designing a routine that works best for us, one which helps us to be productive and in control, can bring out the best version of ourselves. 

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Still skeptical? Let’s go through some major benefits of having a well-planned routine below:

  • Eradicates bad habits
  • Minimises stress
  • Develops a better focus
  • Builds structure
  • Makes us appreciate life

Establishing a routine as per your capabilities, and sticking to it can prove to be a game-changer. But the question lies in, how to find a suitable routine for yourself? Well, don’t worry, here are a few tips for you.

Prepare a To-Do List

Noting down your to-do activities holds numerous advantages, some of which are:

  • Structures the day
  • Boosts productivity
  • Improves memory
  • Provides motivation
  • Helps in time management

Remember, while making a to-do list, don’t mix things up. Be specific, realistic and have limited tasks. Go easy on yourself and make a list according to your capacity and ability to complete the respective tasks in a certain amount of time.

Track Your Habits to Know Yourself Better

Tracking your habits regularly can develop a sense of everyday accomplishment in you. Eventually, it will boost your motivation level to keep them going the next day and so forth. It will make you well aware of yourself - your likes and dislikes, your comforts and discomforts. In many cases, you don’t realize what you are doing until the action is done, therefore, keeping track of your habits is vital to improving yourself in the best possible manner. 

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Break Your Day Into Chunks

Segregating the day into different sections will make you feel energetic and productive. Include plenty of activities in your day. For instance, devote some time to your work or studies, eat slowly and mindfully for 15-20 minutes, go for an evening walk, take out some time for leisure activities like listening to music or talking to a loved one. It will keep you fresh and help you in following your routine effectively, without feeling tedious. 

Set Appropriate Reminders 

No matter how well you set up your to-do list, there has to be a reliable way of making sure that all the tasks are fulfilled on time by reminding yourself to actually do them. Setting reminders or alarms will help you manage your time and minimise the chances of missing out on any task or activity. It will develop a positive habit, making you an organised individual. 

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Consistency is the Key

Being consistent in following your routine plays a major role in the process. Don’t give up too easily, give a test drive to your new routine for at least 30 days, so that you are aware, if you are comfortable following it and it works well for you or not. 

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Building a routine seems intimidating at first, but eventually, you will reap the winnings when your productivity level escalates, morning meltdowns are turned down and you actually have spare time throughout the week. Nothing is perfect, so if your daily routine doesn’t meet your expectations at first, simply believe in the process and make some modifications until you find the ideal schedule. 

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