5 Strategies to Boost Your Reach on Twitter

In an increasingly digital world, social media is more than a means of communication - it is a forum through which to get yourself, and your business noticed.

Engagement plays a very important role when it comes to using Twitter to your advantage. Understanding the algorithm is of vital importance for anyone looking to use this platform judiciously. 

In its current state, Twitter is centred around an algorithm that prioritises engagement in the form of retweets, conversation, and overall follower count.

The question then is: How do we create a Twitter strategy that people want to engage with?

Here are a few tips for you to strategise better use of this platform:

  • Tweet consistently
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Respond to Everyone
  • Monitor Events and Trending Conversations
  • Create Threads
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Tweet Consistently 

Following Twitter’s algorithm for better engagement is tricky to start with, but as a rule of thumb: more content = more engagement.

Trends have shown that people got a lot more visitors posting once a day than they did when posting irregularly. Tweeting several times a day increased their engagement even more.

Tweeting at all times of the day can be difficult, but is not impossible. Pick a posting schedule that works for you, and schedule tweets for the hours you aren’t available. 

Use the Right Hashtags 

Twitter can help your search engine optimisation (SEO) significantly if you know what to do. 

Hashtags are tools used by Twitter and other social media platforms to help create directories of similar content.

Just like the brain creates schemas to understand similar objects categorically and reduce mental effort, these directories group similar content so that they appear at once and reach the audience together if searched through the hashtag. 

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Respond to Everyone 

Human connection truly matters on Twitter. 

If you scroll through a big business account's replies, you will notice that they try their hardest to respond to as many people as they can (even users who don't have a large following). 

Replying to everyone, no matter who they are, if they’re your genuine follower or not, or if their reply matters or not, can increase engagement by making people feel valued, seen, and heard. 

Monitor Events and Trending Conversations

Monitoring and engaging with events of importance, especially to your personal or organisational brand can lead more people to your account and tweets. 

Being aware of and engaging in trending conversations can help fetch more visitors to your profile and connect you with like-minded people, eventually leading to growth in followers. 

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Create Threads

A Twitter thread is a unique format that allows your followers to read through a series of connected tweets. Every Tweet has a limited word count, so creating threads can be an effective way to say what’s on your mind. 

Making them is simple: all you have to do is post a regular tweet, then respond to that tweet with another tweet, and then respond to the second tweet with yet another tweet, and so on.

While a thread as a whole might not catch much attention, there is a chance that a part of it might.

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