5 Social Media Hacks for LinkedIn

Our daily lives have grown increasingly entwined with social media. From marketing to networking, sales and job seeking, social tools have become a part of our everyday lives. 

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LinkedIn, as most of us are aware, is similar to other social networking site. However, it is mostly used for professional purposes. Unlike most other platforms, LinkedIn is a place where you may show off your abilities, expertise, education, and experience, among other things without being considered faux pas. T

here is simply no better venue to connect with experts when it comes to networking. This isn't Snapchat, Facebook or even Instagram; LinkedIn is a professional's dream come true.

You might think that a resume can achieve the same things, but keep in mind that resumes are not happened upon until they are sent to someone. Your resumes can be updated on employment sites, but realistically, who will see them?

However, if you update your LinkedIn profile, the number of people who see it is likely to increase. Essentially, LinkedIn allows you to tell the world about yourself in a more detailed manner. As a result, a well-written LinkedIn profile is a must for working professionals.

Why it is Important to Have a LinkedIn Profile?

There are numerous ways in which a LinkedIn page can benefit you. Let’s examine a few below:

  • Connect with various professionals from diverse backgrounds
  • Keep up-to-date with industry happenings
  • Browse through relevant job openings 
  • Appear in a recruiter's search
  • Build a professional brand

Now that you know the benefits of a strong LinkedIn presence, here are a few hacks to make your LinkedIn game stronger:

Post Content on a Regular Basis

LinkedIn is a free platform with a lot of potential, and it can help you recruit and engage with your target audience. The greatest approach to increase interaction on LinkedIn is to update frequently. To maintain consistency, use a third-party LinkedIn post scheduler.

Share at least two to three times every week on LinkedIn, and keep your profile/page active and optimised. You can either contribute written content or motivating images, videos, or infographics to convey your important thoughts. 

You can also use LinkedIn polls to engage your audience. Make a fun post and let your audience vote for the best one. Frequent posting can help you gain traction. Your content will receive positive feedback, allowing you to flourish even faster.

Participate in the News Feed

As you navigate through your LinkedIn feeds, you may have noticed that if one of your connections comments on or likes a post, it appears in your newsfeed. 

When you leave a public remark on a post, every one may see it, whether or not they are connected to you. In a short amount of time, engaging through a newsfeed can enhance your visibility and multiply your relationships.

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Engage in Relevant Conversations 

What good is it to gain more followers if you aren't engaging in the right conversations?

LinkedIn is an extensive social networking site where you may connect with others who share your interests. Talking with a LinkedIn expert can help you gain more followers. By offering your thoughts in the comment sections, you can start a conversation with your connections. 

You can also discuss a specific issues and invite otehrs to learn more by following you. If you want to grow your following, try to be an active and responsive member.

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Keep your Profile Up-to-Date

Your peers and coworkers will be able to find and connect with you more easily if your profile contains the most up-to-date information. This is especially useful if you're looking for a career switch and want to learn about fresh options.

Here's a rundown of the most crucial things to stay on top of:

  • Professional photo
  • List of abilities for endorsement
  • Your professional background
  • Impactful professional headlines 

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Use an Eye-Catching Cover Photo

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you view someone's profile? 

When it comes to making your LinkedIn profile more appealing, pair your profile picture with an attractive cover photo to make your profile stand out. 

Your LinkedIn backdrop banner photo should aesthetically support the written elements of your profile and emphasise who you are. Your value, talents, and professional identity should all be communicated through this image. "Your background image is an ideal spot to highlight social proof or achievements," says Omnidigit CEO Shashank Shalabh. "It's all about branding on LinkedIn." 

You may make a stronger impression with the correct messaging, both visual and written.

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