5 Social Media Hacks for FB

Almost every person on social media has toyed with the idea that, “Maybe this post will make me go viral.” Unfortunately, this is a once in a blue moon outcome, and even those who managed to secure a steady following can find their trending status decline over time if they do not take the necessary steps to curate their account. 

While there is no one step to ensure you stay at the top of the trending page on Facebook, there are a couple of tricks and tools one can utilise in order to stay ahead of the crowd. Outlined below are five of the most crucial social media hacks one must utilise.


Tags are the cornerstone of almost all social media sites, and can work wonders in promoting your posts if you use them well. It doesn’t matter if you’ve composed a Pulitzer prize winning article, or shot an Oscar-worthy video; unless you already have a considerable following, your post will sink and fall if you do not add tags to it.

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Fill Up Every Detail

This is something people often neglect when creating or managing a page, but in order to ensure your profile does not fall prey to obscurity it is absolutely crucial to fill in every single detail about your page, as the site’s algorithm will be more likely to highlight content from a complete, rather than an incomplete, page.


By no means should you compromise on the quality and nature of your content, but it is good to be hyper specific whenever you post something in order to fine tune the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in your favour. Your objective must, and should always remain, to be the first search result whenever someone is trying to locate a specific post on the site

Visual Media

Let’s face it, nobody has the time to go through a wall of text. Posts on Facebook that make it to the trending page are those accompanied by either an image which pops out and grabs peoples’ attention, or a video carefully shot and edited that draws viewers’ attention. Make sure you utilise every single option Facebook provides when it comes to uploading videos and photos on the site.

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Maintain a proper schedule when it comes to uploading your posts on Facebook. To craft the perfect schedule, there are a number of factors you must keep in mind- What day(s) and time do my posts reach the most people (this can be noted by analysing the insights section of your page)? Do my audience and followers prefer shorter or longer posts (this affects the time you spend creating content)? How many posts should I upload and promote (too many will overwhelm your followers, but too little will make them lose interest)?

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