5 More Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

Creativity encompasses innovation and problem-solving. Even if you don't think you're the "creative type," you might not realise the many ways in which your innate creativity manifests in your daily life. 

The seeds of creativity reside in everyone, but they are often obstructed by layers of self-doubt and inhibition. These seeds of creativity can be nurtured or constrained by our daily habits, but exist within us nevertheless.

In a world where only 25% of people think they’re living up to their creative potential, the big question is: How do you unlock your inner creativity?

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Here are a few ways to find your creative potential and unlock your inner creativity:

  • Get out of your comfort zone 
  • Give yourself permission to daydream 
  • Sleep on it 
  • Get outside 
  • Reflect on your work 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Human beings are  creatures of habit, but sometimes, we become too habituated to doing things in a certain way or taking  the  easy road out instead of working to find new, innovative solutions.

Getting out of your comfort zone can help you find a new perspective on the same old problems, that would greatly benefit teh way you deal with them long-term. Brainstorming your way through problems that don’t have very approachable, defined solutions is a great way to keep your mind running like a well-oiled machine. 

Openness is a virtue, and the ability to step outside your comfort zone can is a process of trial and error that works wonders towards unlocking creative thinking. Allow yourself to make mistakes, instead of looking for perfection. 

Give Yourself Permission to Daydream 

Fantasising or daydreaming is vital to the functioning of your creative mind. Creativity is born from the combined efforts of both your conscious and unconscious mind, and to unlock the unconscious mind that holds creative ideas, it is important to loosen up. 

Let irrational ideas flow freely, without controlling or manipulating them in the process. The conscious mind can later be used to filter ideas that seem more appropriate, like revising an initial draft. 

Sleep On It 

Writers and creators often find themselves experiencing what has come to be known as a block. Trying harder and better might not always be the right solution, but what might work, believe it or not, is a power nap! 

Research has demonstrated that sleeping on an unresolved problem helped participants better tackle their problems upon waking. 

Sleep allows your unconscious mind to restructure information, resulting in new and insightful responses. Sleep also helps to comprehend the information you have better and allows the mind and body to recharge, helping one think more clearly.  

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Get Outside

Nature is one of the best places to reacquaint yourself with your unconscious mind. By getting out in nature, we can activate our senses better. Breathing in the open air, feeling the cool brezze upon your skin, being around plants and trees, experiencing the dampness of the soil, the texture of the grass - physical experiences of nature allow one to remove themselves from the task at hand, and ground themselves in the present.  

By getting outside, we are able to break the monotonous stimulation that is fatiguing our senses. Walking, running, or participating in any physical movement also reduces stress levels, and therefore, helps the conscious mind take a breather. This interaction with the world outside our usual routine is vital for creative instincts to flourish.

Reflect On Your Work

Constantly looking for creative solutions can lead to burnout. It is important to take breaks regularly and often to recharge your thinking capacity. 

Sit back, and ask yourself the important questions - How do you feel? What’s next for the project? Keep yourself on track by regularly taking breaks to reflect and adjust.

This technique helps keep you creative without draining your mind and energy!

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We at weryz help people find their creative instincts unlock their creative potential. For more tips on overcoming a creative block, contact our team today!

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