5 Communication Formats and the Mediums they are Best Suited To

In a digital age where everything is available at the click of a button and everyone is creating content to share their own stories, creating innovative content that stands out is becoming difficult but equally more important. 

Different types of content can help you connect with different people depending on your target audience and what medium they use. Consider these content formats if you want to distinguish your content, stand out from the competition and increase engagement, SEO and brand awareness. 

As it is said “Medium is the message”. It is not just what you say that matters but how and where you say it. 

Here are top 5 content types to include in your social media plan:



One of the oldest forms of communication, text has been a significant medium right from the ages of telegrams to the modern day social media. It is easy to produce, and easy to consume (however in the age of short attention spans, it has to presented uniquely to get people’s attention)


A typewriter
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Whether it is long-form blogs or short form tweets, text is omnipresent.

Best Communication Formats: Blogs, Social media posts, Tweets,

Best Communication Platforms: Wordpress, Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter


Advantages of Text:

  • Easy to produce
  • Speaks more directly about the topic of your choice
  • Showcases your expertise
  • Supports digital marketing and SEO rankings


From the witty relatable memes to the illustrations that translate a difficult topic into something digestible, images are abundant on social media. Whether real life photographs, or digital graphics, images are often a bit more tedious to produce but they more than make up for the effort with the increased engagement. Photographs are truly worth a thousand words, if you use the correct one.

Three people taking pictures of the same pizza
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Best Communication Formats: Photographs, Illustration, Meme, Infographics

Best Communication Platform: Instagram, Pinterest, facebook


Advantages of Images:

  • Easy to grab attention 
  • Unlike text, images are understood by a larger audience
  • Great complement to other content forms



If the popularity of reels or social media live sessions have taught us one thing, it is that the world loves video format. One of the fastest growing content mediums, videos are increasingly being adopted since it allows users to consume more in-depth information and emotion with less effort than text.

A phone on a tripod taking a video of the Seattle skyline
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Best Communication Formats: Short videos, Films, Live Sessions

Best Communication Platforms:Youtube, Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram (reels and IGTV), Facebook (Facebook Watch)


Advantages of Video:

  • Visually rich
  • Binge-able format
  • Allows you to express more


Whether it is a podcast style episode on a particular topic or fun fireside chats, audio is the new growing type of content. It allows you to directly speak to the audience in a way they understand.  

A man wearing headphones besides a mic
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Best Communication Formats: Podcast, Live content, Panels

Best Communication Platforms: Spotify, Clubhouse, Twitter 

Advantages of Audio

  • Easily consumed
  • Gives your content a human voice 
  • Lively and engaging conversations


Discussion Forums

In a digital world, content creation isn't enough, engagement is equally important. Discussion forums are used to ask and answer questions, build relationships, and form communities around niche and interest-based topics. They are also a great way to know your audience and enjoy user-generated content. 


A laptop screen with orange text that reads "Join us online"
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Best Communication Formats: AMAs, discussion forums

Best Communication Platforms: Reddit, Quora

Advantages of Forums: 

  • Build engagement and community
  • Leverage user generated content
  • Showcase expertise


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