10 Songs that are Guaranteed to Uplift Your Spirits

Music plays a pivotal role in uplifting an individual’s mood and soul. It can make a person feel better in tough times and turn the mood from bad to good. Music can trigger a dopamine release in the brain which is associated with “feeling good” and pleasure. It takes us back to the good old times and makes us reminisce all the precious memories. 

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Having a bad day?

Here are some songs that can uplift your soul.


Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson 

This track will make you realise that you can face all the challenges boldly because harsh times and struggles will always make you stronger as a person.

Never Say Never by Justin Bieber

This track will inspire you to never give up during tough times and keep hustling. Just like the song title, “Never say never”

Roar by Katy Perry

This track will motivate you and make you feel that nothing in this world can hold you down. In some situations when you feel dejected, you should stand strong and get up.

Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

This track is for all those who feel conscious about their physical appearance. This is the mantra for all those who think that they do not look good. It is the ultimate song to let all of those realise that everyone is beautiful. Every scar and flaw is seraphic in its way.

Fly by Nicki Minaj

This track will give you power and strength beyond your limits, it will boost your spirit and make you feel that you can fly and conquer the world.

One Love by Blue

This track will develop a sense of positivity in you to accept the changes in life. Life and people can change with the passage of time. 

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

This track will raise your mood whenever you feel low. The lyrics are fun, fast and the vocal rhythms are intoxicating. It is a mood-booster. 

Run the world by Beyonce

This track is especially for all women. It will strengthen your mind and make you feel that you are the one who runs the world and you are not less than anyone.

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

This is the ultimate track that will motivate you to fight for everything in life and never give up on things. It will uplift your mental power and soul.

The Nights by Avicii

This track will boost your inner self to live life to the fullest and to have the nights of your life to remember forever. It will make you feel positive and good.

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