Why updating your LinkedIn is essential for personal branding

Updating your LinkedIn profile; why’s it important and how to go about it?

LinkedIn has now become a platform for digital identity verification. From reference checks and searches to headhunting, in today’s digital age, LinkedIn enables everyone to have a professional presence that communicates their distinct personalities online.

At weryz, we believe that consistency on LinkedIn goes a long way in crafting your personal brand.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to refresh your Linkedin portfolio:

- Ace the first stop: LinkedIn is the first platform used when researching one’s professional capacity. You can bolster your career success by simply using this to your advantage; sharing your stories and thoughts on what is important to you, updating your picture, bio, and banner, and adding as much information about your work and educational journey as you can.

-Position your brand: Your professional brand is all about the authentic you. If you’re switching jobs or trying to break into new industries, having a strong brand will reassure potential employers about your abilities, education, and experience. A well-crafted brand makes you credible. You can draw in more qualified prospects who are interested in what you have to offer—whether it’s a specific service or product, your expertise, or both—if you have an optimised personal brand.

-Establish relevance: Allow your audience to understand your niche. Use LinkedIn’s Creator Mode to publish your content. Identify your top five hashtags— or the top 3 topics you want to be associated with. These hashtags are located at the top of your profile, immediately beneath your title, and they provide users with information about you as soon as they click on your profile. The key is to consistently keep posting and engaging based on your niche, eventually, you will become known for your topics!

-Stand out: Increase your visibility and credibility with the people who need to know you. Regularly posting samples that reflect your true brand traits would give you the edge that you need and help you connect with your audience on a deeper level; making you approachable and relatable. Having a strong personal brand gives others an insightful look into who you are and what makes you unique.

Your digital identity can craft your career journey and essentially create meaningful connections both online & offline!

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