Making the case for the ‘QUIET ONES’: The Powerful Personal Brand of Introverts

Why Introverts Make Better Leaders?

I’ve always known myself to be an “out there” person. I’m a great one to strike up conversations with strangers! (My husband claims it applies to rocks and plants).

At a meeting when ‘ANY’ question is asked, all eyes will always turn to me… the first one to comment!!!(I do try to THINK before I speak!)

At a party where I know no one, you can bet on it, I would have a great time and make a dozen new friends.

I’m the ‘Fun’ one, the ‘Friendly’ one… the EXTROVERT… always reaching out, always making connections, sometimes fleetingly so.

But of late, I have developed a grudging appreciation for my mirror opposite, the quiet ones, the ‘INTROVERTS’.

And here’s why I must admit (at the risk of leaving behind my razzle-dazzle days) that they do make excellent leaders.

There’s more to introverts than what meets the eye. In leadership roles:

  • They might not be good at spinning words or appearing outwardly confident, but they are great listeners. They are deeply receptive to & appreciative of new thoughts & ideas.
  • Introverts lean towards challenging the status quo, sparking healthy debates and devising new ways of thinking (Scientifically proven, alas!)

Being more conscious and self-aware of their work, introverts 

  • readily push themselves to give nothing but the best.

Here’s my toast to the Introverts!!

The world needs more of you!!

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