Leadership Due Dilligence: Measuring Value and Driving Growth

Investments are supposed to deliver on the deal promise and create shareholder value. Yet, very few of the promised synergies get translated into the story of the future that we buy into. Whilst there could be many reasons for this unfortunate disappointment with results, we cannot ignore the fact that all deals naturally accelerate and amplify leadership risk. Hence the mitigation of leadership risk should be on top of the agenda on any investment deal. It is not enough to just run the numbers and do the usual financial and commercial due diligence.

Leadership due diligence with a strong bias towards strategy implementation and the assessment of critical competencies needed not only for today but to drive tomorrow’s business success, is what will help deliver the promised results.

Who are the effective leaders and who are the ones utilising their full potential? Leadership effectiveness equates to organisational effectiveness. Assessing and coaching leaders along with a coherent and well-articulated communication process to achieve maximum engagement at all levels will help deliver the promised results.

Competencies alone will not help. The consciousness of leaders, associated with inner beliefs and assumptions which shape behaviours, is the operating system of performance. Overcoming complex challenges requires the transformation of leaders that starts with a shift in their consciousness.


Disclaimer: This article was originally published in a longer form on thoughtperfect.com and is penned by weryz advisor, Pratap Nambiar.

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