Culture: The Secret Sauce for Operational Excellence

Culture is the secret sauce that many organisations are adding to cultivate the refined taste of success!

Not that this is a new discovery, of course.

Richard Branson and Ricardo Semler built formidable empires on the foundations of culture. Herb Kelleher built Southwestern Airlines using Culture as an enabler and the Ritz Carlton created performance standards on the basis of Culture.

Here are some key points to consider:

- Direction: Culture sets the course.
- Attraction: Culture enables you to hire fans, not job-seekers
- Alignment: Culture integrates a Common set of Beliefs, Guiding Principles and Core Values. 
- Collaboration: Clarity of purpose + consistency of direction + relationships that are dependable and trustworthy = Seamless Collaboration
- Engage: A unified mission means greater individual ownership
- Leadership: Leadership Values are an organisational staple – a generalised behaviour - not a few people

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