Team Ryz
Un-learning to Re-learn

Jason Bird

Business Leadership Coach Advisor - weryz
Trust, Respect, Integrity and Loyalty

Jason is an experienced leader with over 25 years of experience in personal development coaching, group and leadership coaching, team and organisation coaching, and health and wellness coaching. Much of this experience was gleaned during his 23 years with IKEA, as an internal coach, with real-life business issues. Throughout his coaching and mentoring experiences, he supported the development of aspiring future business leaders and teams. He has directly supported business development by leading and building teams with diverse cultures and backgrounds, across business functions and country borders, in the Asia Pacific region. Jason is also coaching in the quickly emerging area of team coaching & health and wellness and has gained qualifications in these areas.

Jason is guided by a strong set of values, including Trust, Respect, Integrity and Loyalty, which are very important to him. He believes in keeping things simple, trusting his intuition, inspiring and leading others, all with empathy and a big heart. He seeks to make a difference to the people around him.

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